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HW ASSIGNMENT #1: The History of Radio

HW ASSIGNMENT #1: The History of Radio

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HELLO! My name is Paul Hammond and this my own personal blog for an assignment in my class Networks Then & Now. I thought for over a week what my blog should be about with no success. I decided to release myself from any parameters or topics and just use this as space for me to rant about all my sporadic ideas and opinions. TIRR stands for Things I’ve Read Recently (working title). My goal for this is to explore, research and shed light on certain things going on in the world and modern culture that I don’t think are receiving the credence they deserve. Whether it be music, art, health, history, news, or sports, if it ha the weight to make me go “hmmm”, i’ll write about it. I’ll do my very best to be as objective as possible and not distort facts or the truth. If one person lets me know they have learned something from this I will consider this to be a huge success. I will be required to tackle certain topics for homework assignments in my class but that will be clearly labeled and hopefully will not bring too much boringness to the blog. I hope this was clear enough to help you understand what I am trying to do with this. Please come back and lets talk about things!